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AFC 2003 Girls - Through the Thirds - Cross and Finish


AFC 2003 Girls - Banger 2!


CalThornsAFCGoal6 - Another Cross and Finish


CalThornsAFCGoal5 - Another Raya Sawle Free Kick!


AFC Academy 2003 Girls - Great Cross and Finish


AFC Academy 2003 Boys - Long Range Banger!


AFC 2003 Girls - Raya Sawle Free Kick vs Santa Clara


AFC 2003 Girls - A nice volley from a corner! Questionable goalkeeping from the opposition!


AFC 2003 Girls - Raya Sawle with another long range free kick!


AFC 2003 Girls - Flynn with the header!


Raya Sawle 2003 Girls - Free Kick


AFC Academy Long Range Goal


Good build up and finish from our boys


AFC 2003 Girls Vegas Tournament - Morgan's Great Finish


Some nice build up play and one touch soccer on the left leading to a 1v1 with the goalie


A great save our 2003 Girls Goalkeeper


AFC Counter Attack


AFC 2004 Girls Mustang Tournament 2019



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