Specialist Programs

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The AFC Academy program, in partnership with Castro Valley Soccer Club, Montclair Soccer Club and Piedmont Soccer Club, combines world-class technical, tactical, physical and psychological training, provided by our staff of nationally licensed coaches. The AFC Academy is a true development program, designed to help players reach their athletic potential through individualized attention, customized training, conditioning, and a positively competitive team environment.


  • Year Round Coaching Curriculum — Players will be training according to the on and off the field curriculum standards set and implemented at the world’s premier soccer academies. These will cater for the four key pillars of player development – technical, tactical, physical and psychological
  • Elite Training and Playing Environment — Training with and against players of equal and higher quality and competing consistently against the best teams in the state and region.
  • Tactical Training — We will be demonstrating and encouraging our players to play both possession retention and creative attacking soccer, based upon the situation.
  • Physical Training & Conditioning — Throughout the periodized Macrocycle of the year-round training model, various physical fitness training methods and fitness tests are utilized in order to maintain peak physical performance and player recovery. Utilized training methods include:
    • Physical Conditioning
    • Speed, Agility & Quickness Training
    • Dynamic Movement
    • Plyometics & Explosive Power Development
    • Interval & Cardiovascular Endurance Training
    • Muscular Endurance Training
    • Strength Training
    • Flexibility Training
    • Proprioception
  • Comprehensive Sports Science Program — Facilitated and delivered by our team of qualified and experienced Sports Scientists whom have worked with high level athletes within the US and Europe. Our Sports Science Program includes:
    • Sports Psychology – Team Culture & Goal-Setting, Individual Player Development Plans (PDPs), Commitment Cards, Imagery & Mental Rehearsal For Performance, Relaxation & Energizing Techniques
    • Sports Nutrition – Player/Parent education, training and resources for fuelling the youth athlete and aiding player recovery
    • Sports Injury Prevention & Treatment – Player/Parent education, training and resources for avoiding and minimizing common youth sports injuries prevalent in soccer
    • Video Analysis – Data capture of team and player performance using state-of-the-art software in order to annotate, analyze and educate for heightened player understanding and game intelligence
    • Data Collection & Progress Tracking – Cutting-edge statistical techniques used to demonstrate and improve team and player efficiencies
  • Established College Recruitment Plan — For players looking to go on to play college soccer we work closely with our colleagues at iSoccerPath in order to provide players with the support, information and resources to provide a clear pathway towards college soccer after graduating from the AFC Academy program.




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