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The aim of the AFC Pre-Academy is to give U11 & U12 (2009 and 2008 for 2019/2020 season) players an insight in to the environment, coaching and level experienced within the AFC Program which begins at U13. The sessions are consistently delivered by 24/7’s most qualified and experienced coaches which provide the elite players within the 24/7 partner clubs the opportunity to challenge themselves by practicing alongside each other.

Throughout the pre-academy training, players will undertake a variety of session topics. These will include:

  • 1v1’s (Individual work to create match winners)
  • Overloads (2v1’s, 3v2’s & 4v3’s to exploit numbers up situations with speed and purpose)
  • Crossing & Finishing (Creating chances from wide areas)
  • Shooting (Increasing players ability to score in a variety of situations)
  • Defending (Organized & unorganized)

As well as these, coaches will start to introduce more advanced topics to the elite players in preparation for the type of sessions they’ll be undertaking throughout their academy experience. Some of these may include:

  • Building up from the defensive third to the midfield third. (Playing out from the back)
  • Building up switching the point of the attack. (Switching play)
  • Defending in the attacking third. (Pressing high)
  • Defending in the defensive third. (Defending deep to counter attack)

All players who participate in the program are expected to:

  • Practice at high intensity throughout all sessions.
  • Have maximum commitment to the program.
  • Obtain high technical ability.


There is a pre-academy program for all 2009 and 2008 players that are interested in the academy program in the future. (2020 for 2008 players & 2021 for 2009 players) Throughout spring, these Pre-Academy sessions will take place on Fridays in March and April. Sessions will take place at Merritt College, Oakland and all players will receive an AFC Pre-Academy t-shirt.

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