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The Core

  • The Match
    The objective of the training session is to prepare players for competition. The game shows the tactical, technical, physical and psychosocial development of the player.

Four Complementary Components

  • Tactical
    This component helps the player fit into the team. Our aim is to create clever players, capable of adapting to the constantly changing circumstances of the game.
  • Technical
    All players in the team have to be individually competent and proficient in the most important skills for each position. For example, a central midfield player will need different techniques and expertise as compared to an outside back.
  • Physical
    Strong and resilient players will provide a significant advantage to the team. A tired player will struggle to think properly and is prone to commit more errors.
  • Psychosocial
    The human being is often affected by his/her emotions. We will train the players to use these emotions to their advantage and turn them into strengths and not weaknesses.

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Player Focused Philosophy

  • Player development and players enjoying soccer is the core philosophy central to our “player development plan.”
  • An attacking style of play is the best guarantee of learning and development. To develop creative players, freedom of expression is key.
  • Players need to learn from their mistakes and should always be encouraged to try again.
  • Our philosophy sees the 4-3-3 system of play as the best format in which to develop young players. Within this formation, roles can be clearly outlined and there is a greater set of options for passing, ball retention etc. which facilitates learning and provides flexibility in attacking and defending. 

The Player Development Continuum

afc player development continuum

Why Player Development?

To develop better players by creating training environments where the coach’s and parent’s focus is on development and not on the short-term result of a game or a medal. Our Long Term Player Development model is just that, “Long Term,” and we aim to provide a standardized structured support plan to guide our clubs, coaches and parents in order to assist all our players in reaching their full potential in the game.

What is Player Development?

  • A new system to create a logical progression in holistic player development
  • A global industry best practice methodology, philosophy & culture
  • Incorporates Age Appropriate Training
  • Focuses on Technical & Tactical Training and Development
  • Emphasizes Physical & Mental Training and Development
  • Highlights Motion Management Training and Development
  • Spotlights the well being aspects of player development

afc 5 stages development model

Team Principles of Play

  1. All players attack and all players defend: All players must be involved in the game as a unit.
  2. Numerical advantage: Soccer is a game of numbers where we try to create a numerical advantage in attack and avoid being in a numerical disadvantage in defense.
  3. Flow of the ball: The ball should flow from inside (of the space) to outside and outside to inside. Balls out wide are more secure and the ball in the middle increases the options of play.
  4. Triangle principle and passing options: The player in possession of the ball must receive constant support and have at least two passing options.
  5. Speed of play: Quick movement of the ball creates 2v1 situations.
  6. Movement off the ball: Find the best available space to create passing options for the player in possession of the ball.
  7. Pressure as a unit: Organized pressure forces the opponents to commit errors.
  8. Quick Transition: Improve transition by reducing the number of passes needed to arrive at the target area or the opponent’s goal.
  9. Take initiative during the game: Team breakdowns will occur. The team must be capable of adapting to new situations and imposing its own style of play during the game.

Player Roles and Responsibilities

afc player roles responsibilities


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